Natural Organics CBD Penetrates deeply into the tissues

By Sharon Gates

Exclusive Interview with Renowned Orthopedist Professor Zhou

Introduction: Last week, Professor Zhou, one of the best orthopedists of our time, visited the capital of Ukraine for two days to talk about the Natural Organics CBD.

Natural Organics CBD; The professor has kindly agreed to consult us and tell us about his modern methods to treat diseases of the spine and joints in the world and in Ukraine in particular.

We publish the most complete part of this query, in which the professor states that there are already medicines that can be Effectively combat diseases (Natural Organics CBD), even in the most advanced stages, regardless of the age of the patient.


Correspondent: “Professor, among all other diseases, what place do diseases of the musculoskeletal system?”

Professor Zhou: According to WHO statistics, one of the most common complaints that people consult with their doctor is back pain and joints. Up to 95% of the population experiences this pain at least once in their lives.

At the same time, the development of musculoskeletal disorders causes 6-10% to lose work capacity. The most common cause of this pain is degenerative, infectious or rheumatic lesions or diseases.

The spectrum of diseases is very broad, but they all have a common characteristic, which means that you should start treatment as soon as possible, otherwise you are likely to have a permanent disability.

It should be noted that when the majority of patients were senile and older, the younger population is increasing rapidly .

Explanations for the early arrival of these diseases

Correspondent: “What are some of the explanations for the early arrival of these diseases?”

Professor Zhou: At that time, we are talking about musculoskeletal disorders. There are a variety of diseases that are caused by many different factors. One of the reasons is ecology, which gets worse every year.

There are normal tensions that constantly attack our psycho-emotional being and create muscular tension. And there are several infectious diseases that directly affect our entire body and especially the skeletal muscle system. These factors are already more than enough to cause significant dystrophic processes.

Take a Sedentary lifestyle, Not Good

Another key factor is that most people lead to sedentary lifestyle and visiting our gym, running and other physical activities are not in our general interest. Of course, nothing will replace physical activity, but if you have back or joint problems, your situation is not bad.

Professor Zhou
An important reminder! It was determined that summer is the best time to start the treatment of joint pain. Due to the increase in temperature, both metabolism and blood circulation are accelerated, so that the effects of the drug will increase. The restoration of joints is 47% faster than at other times of the year.

Correspondent: “Does that mean you already have a solution to the problem of back pain and joint pain?”

Professor Zhou: Of course. My speech today at the conference was completely dedicated to this topic. Here I have presented the latest developments of our institute in which we have been working for some years and whose analogues do not exist at this time!

Correspondent: “Interesting, can you tell us more about this?”

Professor Zhou: In China, we have shown that joints can be recover completely, so they can and should be treated. The main problem behind this disease is the wear and tear of the joints. The joints are constantly very loaded, so the cartilage tissue loses its elasticity and becomes thinner or no longer. From here begin the crunches and pain, neoplasms (hernias) and bone deformities (osteoarthritis). Already at the age of 60 years, most of the cartilage is reduced to 45-50%. How can you rest

Regeneration of the Body

Our body has a unique ability to regenerate. Observe the speed with which a cut is healed in the skin and, similarly, any tissue in the body can be restored. The question is the speed and the process: an organ can be restored while others need help. The drug developed by our institute has been developed for this second purpose.

Correspondent: “And what is medication?”

Professor Zhou: It’s a special ointment cream, called “Natural Organics CBD“. It has a completely natural composition, which allows you to forget back pain and joints in the shortest time possible, sometimes in just 4 days. Even the most neglected cases can improve in a few months.

The Natural Organics CBD: What you need to know

Correspondent: “Some people may distrust and have a very cautious and skeptical attitude towards their words, do you feel that the Natural Organics CBD is almost a panacea?”

Professor Zhou: “Natural Organics CBD” is not a panacea, nor a cure, it is a remedy that “reboots” the body at the cellular level. The ingredients of the cream penetrate deeply into the tissues and act directly on the cause of the disease, regenerate the destroyed cartilaginous tissue and restore its elasticity. That is all!

Correspondent: “What are the indications for using this cream-ointment?”

Professor Zhou: The treatment is indicated for diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, radiculitis, intervertebral hernia, displacement of vertebral discs. It can also be used for pain, numbness of the extremities, strains and muscle tears, swelling, bruising and other injuries. We also recommend Natural Organics CBD for preventive purposes, as it does not hurt.

Professor Zhou: I want to share some clinical photographs of my patients before and after using the Natural Organics CBD. Many specialty doctors have seen these documented results and have been pleasantly surprised. For those patients whose joints hurt, Natural Organics CBD will be a great alternative.

Woman. 54 years. Your joints are completely restored. Duration of treatment: 1.5 months

This is another documented success story:

Treatment of the hip joint in men. 44 years. The unbearable pain that accompanied the patient for 2 years disappeared completely.

The Natural Organics CBD has a positive effect in all joints, including the elbows:

Restoration of the elbow joint. Woman, 31 years old Duration of treatment with CBD extract: 2 months. The joint was completely restored.

The photographs clearly show that the Natural Organics CBD not only eliminates pain, but also promotes the regeneration of synovial fluid, which is what chondroprotectors should normally do. As a result, the cartilaginous layer becomes wider and elastic, so the joint is healthy and the pain and stiffness disappear.

Does the treatment have a broad spectrum of use?

Correspondent: “So the treatment has a broad spectrum of use?”

Professor Zhou: That’s right! One of our main priorities at the institute was to create a universal treatment that could effectively cope with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, regardless of the age of the patient or the negligence towards the problem. To date, Natural Organics CBD has already been certified in 37 countries, where it is actively used for the treatment of diseases of the back and joints, as one of the most effective treatments. We are super proud! This year, we decided to allocate an additional 7 million to expand production due to a continuous increase in demand for this treatment.

Correspondent: “I understand that he is not yet in Ukraine …”

Professor Zhou: Why do you say it? Of course yes! In addition, the “Natural Organics CBD” approved all the necessary clinical trials and received the corresponding certification in Ukraine.

Where is the Natural Organics CBD?

Correspondent: “Can it be found in pharmacies?”

Professor Zhou: Unfortunately, you will not find it in pharmacies, for a simple reason. Manufacturers do not agree with the pricing policy of pharmacists in Ukraine! They put so many fees and prices on the product that makes us dizzy. They wanted to sell the Natural Organics CBD for 5-6 times more than our selling price. We insist that the cost of the drug remains affordable for ordinary people in Ukraine, so we decided to keep pharmacies out of the equation.

However, we have good news! Recently, Natural Organics CBD received budgetary funds from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to supply this product to the users of the “Myhealth” system. The purpose of the funding is to help people get treatment for life-threatening joint problems. Thus, patients who need treatment, will have the opportunity to buy Natural Organics CBD with a 50% discount!

Professor Zhou
The treatment is indicated for diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, radiculitis, intervertebral hernia, displacement of vertebral discs. It can also be used for pain, numbness of the extremities, strains and muscle tears, swelling, bruising and other injuries. We also recommend Natural Organics CBD for preventive purposes, as it does not hurt.

Professor Zhou

Honorary Orthopedist in China and writing of numerous books on joint restoration and discovery of the visceral body reserve.

Correspondent: “I think our readers will be interested to know how to get the discount. Can anyone do this?”

Professor Zhou: Yes, absolutely anyone who lives in Ukraine. Once all the details were agreed with the Ministry of Health, it was decided to sell the cream-ointment “Natural Organics CBD” through the official portal.

Correspondent: Yes, that is right. Our readers can follow the links in this page to access the official portal and get their

Professor Zhou: Great. Thanks for sharing this important information with your readers. Everyone can benefit from the Natural Organics CBD.

“Well, thank you very much for the consultation, professor! Thank you for sharing information with our readers, which will undoubtedly be very useful! Have a nice day!”

Professor Zhou: Thank you, all the best for you! Stay healthy!

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